Printed and on-line publications

Editing, print and distribution mangement

We are a publisher of paper and on-line media as well as pursue custom publishing projects for clients

Publishing high end fashion magazine and portal

„Exclusive” has been the first nationwide magazine featuring independent fashion industry. We published 12 issues of a high quality nationwide independent fashion magazine called „Exclusive” that featured young fashion designers and lifestyle industry entrepreneurs. We created a web-platform presenting the content that was originally printed in the magazine. The whole project consisted of hundreds of interviews and dozens of photo-shoots. We delivered hundred of pages of highly involving and resonating content that promoted many artists and designers before they were picked up by the following mainstream titles.

Publishing high end sports magazine

„Freestyle” magazine focuses on extreme sports and urban culture. Together with Poland number one alternative urban culture web portal of a time – – we published 5 issues of magazine featuring skateboarding, snowboarding as well as various water and motor sports disciplines and hip-hop music personalitiesWe earned our target group recognition simultaneously being accountable for big corporate advertisers.

Magazyn Freestyle na półce w Empiku | fot. Eleganckie Media

Publishing a nationwide opinion quarterly and portal

Co-operation with the publisher of „” magazine and portal. The project has been a collaboration of our team that joined the team of a larger publisher Deweloper Media for the purpose of publishing politics and economics focused nationwide quarterly and perspective web portal.

The project required developing completely new web portal and high end almost 200 pages quarterly magazine. We were responsible for and editorial team delivering quality essays and interviews updated daily. Within one year we achieved thousands of sold copies and over 100 000 unique viewers on-line. We also published two special editions for the Italian market with the original content written by Italian journalists.