Recruitment outsourcing and external employment

We build mission driven teams

How does it work?

We offer external employment of high potential graduates as well as experienced professionals. We recruit specialists with required skills or build complete teams to work on outsourcing basis or join client’s organisation.

Why choose external employment

Build ready to work team for the uncertain times. Test your employees on the project before establishing a long term relationship. Get access to our candidates soon after submitting your inquiry. We have a pool of people currently working on IT related projects and can easily source wide range of specialists from our partner student and alumni organisations.

What we do differently

Our team has a strong entrepreneurial background with roots in the Junior Enterprise network present at the universities Europe-wide. The organisation recruits students from various specialisations that share the Junior Enterprise spirit and its mission of bridging the gap between academic theory and business practice. Our candidates have excellent business skills and high personal standards. We have recruited people that are currently working in managerial positions in all major BPO and BTO centers in Poland.

Who we are

Eleganckie Media is a media production and development company. We have been delivering projects for clients as an external supplier as well as building project teams and working within client structure as contractors. We have been involved in Junior Enterprise movement at the university and later as active alumni and advisory board of the organisation.

How do we work

  1. We are signing an NDA if required and then client sends an RFP with the following information:
    • required skills, competences and experience,
    • number of employees,
    • time-frame of the project,
    • external or internal employment model,
    • work location and technical requirements.
  2. We determine which skills we already have available and which will need recruitment. The proposal and quotation is submitted to the client.
  3. Contract is negotiated and signed. Project commences after the agreed advance payment of a percentage of the remuneration.
  4. We are delivering database of candidates.
  5. The team is assembled and approved.
  6. Working environment and tools are prepared and team is on-boarded.
  7. The team becomes full operational. Quality assurance and feedback loop is implemented.