We specialise in the following industries

Eleganckie Media company provide full scale content development services including copy-writing, scenarios as well as photo & video production.

Recruitment outsourcing and external employment

  • External employment
  • Recruitment and onboarding
  • Employer branding

PR & Copywriting

  • Writing high quality press releases
  • Producing high quality photo-shoots
  • Distributing company materials in media

Photo-shoots & video production

  • Recording interviews, company events producing live video conference
  • Recording aerial videos with drones
  • Preparing video materials for use in diverse formats and channels
  • Developing virtual walks for commercial real estate projects

Custom publishing

  • Publishing high quality printed magazines and books
  • Editing text and graphics for publication
  • Working with print-house on behalf of the customer

Web development

  • Designing and implementing complete WordPress based web platforms
  • Managing web infrastructure and services
  • System administration and application maintenance